Drivenow Prices & free voucher


DriveNow London prices vary according to your chosen rate . In the following we will provide you with an overview of the most common costs. You can find customized and specific rates on the DriveNow website.

Drivenow Overview of prices

Monthly fee: none

Gas: included in the price per minute

One-time registration fee: £ 29

Hint: With our DriveNow voucher you only pay a registration fee of £ 9.98  (incl. 15 free minutes) instead of £ 29

Drivenow Prices per minute

 MINI Countryman, BMW 1 Series, BMW i3

39 p / min

Hourly cap £ 20

Congestion Charge Zone (CCZ)

Entering between 07:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday: £ 11.50

Entering all other times Free of charge

Entering at any time with the BMW i3 Free of charge

Drives completed within the CCZ, or those leaving the CCZ Free of charge

There are other fees, e.g. for parking. You don’t need to pay for parking once you have ended your booking. But if, for example, you drive to a friend’s house in London, park the car for 10 minutes and want to continue driving the same car afterwards, you have to pay per minute the car is parked. At night between 12am and 6am parking is free of charge.

Parking (pause drive without ending booking)


19 p/min.

Parking (Mon. – Fri. 12am – 6am)

Free of charge

To make a reservation for a vehicle via app (valid for 15 minutes before expiring)

Free of charge

Extended reservation (8 hours max.)

19 p/min

Extended reservation (Mon. – Fri. 12am – 6am)

Free of charge

There are different savings packages, which are worthwhile when using DriveNow London more frequently (e.g. 400 minutes for £ 128). These DriveNow prices can be customized – we advise you to check them out on DriveNow’s website or directly inside the car.

You want to register with DriveNow for less? Use our voucher and register for only £ 9.98 + receive 15 free minutes.

Your benefits:

  • No petrol costs
  • No parking fees
  • No insurance costs (except excess, if required)
  • Rent and park nearly everywhere
  • Registration fee for less with our voucher