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DriveNow Rabatt: Jetzt fast 20 Euro sparen

DriveNow London

A free registration at DriveNow Carsharing is often linked to specific actions. So you can often sign up for free if a new car is added to the fleet or if a new city comes up. The good news is that we have a great coupon for you, with which the application is almost free.

You can sign up with this link and pay only 9.98 pounds instead of 29 pounds to register for DriveNow. There are 15 free minutes on top. As well having a value, the application is almost a Drive Now free registration.

Good to know: The business area covers an area of approximately 84 square kilometers in the north-east of London. These include hotspots like Shoreditch High Street, Old Street and Angel in the south, the multicultural Holloway in the West, Tottenham, north and Walthamstow Village in the east.